The world economy has undergone a radical transformation in the past two decades. Geographical and cultural distances have shrunk significantly. With the advent of e-communications these advantages have permitted companies to widen both their markets and supplier sources.Rapid changes can render yesterdays' winning business principles obsolete.

The new economy has thrown up new challenges.

AT RISA we believe in seizing the opportunities' that arise from these challenges.For these reasons, RISA sought to join the global trade network in industrial raw material and related products. Today, RISA has grown professionally in a worldwide market and established its name and reputation across the globe. It is now involved in sourcing, indenting and representing foreign manufacturers within India and Indian makers worldwide. Our products include industrial raw materials, machinery, projects, bulk chemicals etc. presented to you at the best possible value.

At RISA we make it our priority to understand the dynamic needs of our customers' not compromising on reliability speed and quality which we believe are the key factors in building long-lasting profitable relationships.

Believe in us and we will partner you into the future....